Artist FleaMarket: 31st May + 1st June 2014

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new studio building Artist Village, Brockley right next to Brockley Station. The new-build has a layout of ‘beach hut style’ blocks and we feel it will be a rather nice working environment.

More information, dates and launch offer below. To celebrate the launch and as open days we are creating the opening event:

Artist FleaMarket! – everyone invited

Have a rummage, have a poke about. Show your wares, curate a show, produce ephemera, be ephemeral, sell your junk, vintage stuff, vinyl, unrealised projects, clear your studio, eat, curate a carpet, show works not for galleries or so for them, be the underground, be the mainstream, be the old guard, be the avant garde, be trad, be fashion, hang out, contradict, consume, do workshops, de-gentrify, regenerate, hold classes, share skills, curate a symposium, be analog, be digital.

Saturday 31st May + Sunday 1st June 12-5pm, at Artist Village, Brockley, Endwell Road, SE4 2NE

See Facebook event here.

Room for 100 participants. 

Each person or group gets their own space as marked by the studio build plans… sharing open plan spaces as yet unbuilt. On-street parking. You can leave your setup overnight safely on the Saturday evening. Set up Sat 10am. De-install for 6pm Sunday. Provide your own display system, or show on the floor or use the walls. No AV equipment provided. No amplified bands. We hope to have food stands from Brockley Market and from Deptford. Only we can serve alcohol.

Cost: £10 per space. Deadline to apply: 24th April. Payments and Final Artist List deadline 1st May.

To apply send an email to, subject head “Artist Village – FleaMarket application”, with a small picture and max 150 word description of what you want to do and if you need electricity etc. 


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