About the Artist Village

Artist Village, Brockley

Launch of a new artist studio building in London.

In a deal with property developers we have the use of most of the first floor of the whole site for nearly 2 years which creates 32 brand new studios ranging from 120 sq feet to 400 sq feet. They are priced at £15/sqft/yr inclusive of all rates and utilities. There are no other costs. No live/work. Non-commercial applicants only.

We are creating one social area with kitchen, sofas and fibre-speed wi-fi and the rest is all studios with no gallery or public space. If you would like exhibition space there is The Old Police Station and Enclave in Deptford to consider.

There are 9 ‘units’ over three buildings along a wavy courtyard, and each unit has about 4 studios. Each studio is fully private, has it’s own window, partitions to the ceiling, it’s own door. Each unit has a shared sink, concrete floors and is heated.

As artists we know what we would like as studios and this time it looks like we might have something pretty good here – shame it isn’t a permanent artist studio building! we did try.

Artists can share studios if compatible, or they can take more than one space if they need a lot of room. You can convert to darkroom, put in your own sink to connect to the central sink in each unit corridor, add broadband and so on – at your own cost of course, and with our sign off.

The site is not a squat, and not rowdy – there are people living in flats above and offices below so we don’t accept any artists who are noisy, band practice, noxious or dangerous work, welding, kilns and so on. We will try and put people together in units with compatible practices hence an application process. We are looking for respectful artists who just want a nice space to work.

On street parking. Deliveries no problem. Endwell Road, SE4 2NE.


Example prices:

121sqft studio = £151/m; 230sqft studio = £289/m; 395sqft studio = £494/m


1 month deposit + 1 month rent upfront required at contract signing.
Rent payable 25th each month via standing order. No other date or form of payment accepted.
Contract is a standard 12 months, and automatically rolls on monthly as the building continues, 6 months notice required. Rent increases 5% after 12 months.


Studios are available to rent ‘off plan’ as from now. They are being partitioned and electrics installed etc one unit at a time. First studios available early May, and another 10 a month until finished in August.

Special Launch Offer:

We would like you to stay of course so are offering for the launch 15/16/17/18 month contracts depending on when your studio is ready. With this the rent is fixed for the duration. There is no notice so you are committing to the full contract term. After that the contract rolls on monthly automatically if/as the building continues and fixed at the same price. Launch offer valid until 1st June 6pm.

How To Apply:

Send an email to studio@tempcontemp.co.uk, subject head “Artist Village – Artist Application”, and describe your practice within the email in no more than 100 words. Do not send any images or other information or documents. Please describe the materials and processes in your work.

We just want to make sure you are not making anything that will cause others any problems and we want to put compatible practices together.
We will send you plans, sizes and prices.

Viewings and Launch Event:
Public viewing tour of the site and rentals: Sat 10th May, 1 pm
Public viewing tour of the site and rentals: Sat 17th May, 1 pm
Public viewing tour of the site and rentals: Sat 24th May, 1 pm
Open weekend and rentals = Artist FleaMarket, 31st May + 1st June, 12-5pm
Book for the tours by emailing studio@tempcontemp.co.uk, subject head “Artist Village – Artist Tours”, and state which day you want to attend.

dragonfly-place-endwell-road-brockley-london-se4-323cb242-1379949833-lew130306_01 typical-studio-unit

Images: The Prisoner, 1967; photograph of the Artist Village, Brockley beach hut style blocks; typical 1st floor unit plan showing 4 studios each with windows, and a shared sink.


 Artist Village, Brockley is a concept by Anthony Gross as part of Artist Urban Action, a series of experimental models that mimic entrepreneurial strategies in order to produce artistic sites for production within a limited and competitive urban environment. The site will be remodelled for residential use after artist occupation by the developers. Some sites, like Enclave, are nurturing and permanent, others, like this, are shorter term opportunities. Economic cycles and market forces have permanently reduced studio space provision in the capital and alternate models need to be explored.


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